Thaat al maarefa training center – مركز ذات المعرفة للتدريب


Thaat Al Ma’arefa Training Center aims to develop the trainee’s skills, and abilities in the Fields offered by the center to the trainee, whether it is job search or support for his resume for those who were on the job.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

The center aims to develop and train the trainee by providing the best and highest quality of understanding and perception to overcome high risks and reach the best level of safety….

occupational safety and health standards (OSH)

This program is designed based on the job level, professional reality, and the roles and responsibilities of occupational safety and health cadres…..


The center aims in the field of management, which requires confronting it with modern administrative skills and methods that contribute to the success of the work and raise the level of job performance…..


In the financial field, the center aims to develop and educate the trainee to obtain the full ability and knowledge to access the study and sufficient knowledge for success…..